ยป Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya

Festival: Akshaya Tritiya

Akshay tritiya is a festival of India. It s also known as Akha Teej. Its HINDU and Jain day, that falls on the third Tithi Lunar day of the Hindu calendar  month of  Vaishakha and it is the most important days for Hindus. It day of the birthday of Lord Parsurama who is six incarnation of Lord Visnu. And one thin this day Sage Veda Vyas and Lord Ganesh start write Mahabharata. The meaning of the word Akshaya is infinite that which never end. In Jain and Hindu calendar some days of the month are absents in counting and some day come extra, but Akshay tritiya is one days which is never absent from the calendar.

  According to Hindu religion Akshay Tritiya was the day  When the Lord  GANESHYA the god of perception and problem removal, When started writing the ambitious Mahabharata  to Ved Vash transcript. As per Hindus, this day is ruled by god Vishnu, According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganga. The most sacred river of India, descend to the earth from the rapture.

Its day also known for the birth day of divinity Annapurna Devi.

Kubera received his riches and position as warden of wealth and property along with divinity LAXMI on this Day , by praying to Lord Shiva at Shivapuram . In Mahabharata,yudhishtria receives the Akshaya patra, which he uses to serve food for all the needy in his Kingdom.

In Jain calendar Akshay Tritiya is a holly day. Which people observe the year –long alternative day fasting finish their Tapasya this day. This day Jainism is written in Harinvash Puran and Padam Puran.  

Lord Rishabhdev denounced the worldly pleasures after dividing his vast kingdom in his 100 sons, prominent of Whom are Gomateshwara Bahubali whose world's tallest monolithic staure stands at shravan belogola and  chakravarti Bharata, by whose name it is known today as Bharat. Lord Rishabhdev meditated without any food and water for six months and upon attaining enlightenment, set out to accept food.

Jain monks do not own anything. They do not even cook food for themselves. When hungry or thirsty, (Maximum Once in day), they set out to accept ahar. They do not even ask for it and accept where it is offered.

 Hindus believe in the theory of "mahurats" or auspicious timings in every step in life - be it to begin a new venture or making an important purchase. Akshaya Tritiya is one such momentous occasion, which is considered one of the most auspicious days of the Hindu calendar. It is believed, any meaningful activity started on this day would be fruitful.

Legends say that it is on the Akshaya tritiya day that Lord Brahma started his work of creation. Pious Hindus that going to the Holy Ganges and paying obeisance to the departed, and offering cereals, rice, salt, milk, curd, cow, gold, land, Palmyra fronds, umbrella etc to the needy is apt to bring in endless prosperity to the giver. As a result of all these virtues they became a king in his next birth and even then he continued with this same practice as he did in his previous birth and reached Moksha. Kusela, a childhood friend of Lord Krishna went to see the Almighty with a pouch of puffed rice and he was in a dilemma whether to offer it or not. But the Lord snatched the pouch from him and gulped some pieces and said Akshayam. This magic word transformed Kusela simple house to a magnificent palace and the Lords poor friend became as rich as Kubera. When Draupadi was humiliated in the court of Kauravas, she cried for mercy to Lord Krishna uttered a single work akshayam and her sari grew long and long to safeguard her chastity. Chandra, the Moon was cursed to wane. He ran to seek refuge in Lord Shiva and the Lord in turn gave refuge to the deformed Chandra and guarded him.

Wake up before the cock crows and bathe yourself to perfection and enter your pooja room with reverence and pour ghee into the oil lamps and light them. Place a picture of Lakshminarashimar at the centre and draw a kolam. Place a big plantain leaf on the floor and spread rice on it and place a vessel filled with water. By making use of turmeric paste make a Ganesha and place it near the vessel and decorate it with flowers and kumkum.

A major festival of orissa Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated across the state with traditional fervor. Akshaya Tritiya holds special significance in the cultural landscape of the Oriya people as it is closely related with the Rath Yatra of Puri. 

Akshaya in Sanskrit means one that never Diminishes   and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. Hindus believe they can get lasting prosperity by buying precious metals on the day. Akshaya Tritiya is traditionally earmarked for beginning new ventures, for investing and purchasing valuables especially gold, jewellery and diamond. It is no surprise Indians buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya as it is considered very auspicious and a safe investment. It is also believed that any meaningful activity started on this day would be fruitful.

Devotees, including women, offered puja and prayers at various temples to mark the occasion and eminent with traditional religious fervour across the city. People Buy gold and silver jewelry, takes holy bath and dip in rivers, organize Ganesha and Lakshmi pooja, worship to Lord Vishnu specially on this day to get the blessing to get better heal.

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