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World Bicycle Day

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World Bicycle Day draws attention to recognise the longevity, uniqueness and versatility of the bicycle, and that it is an economical, sustainable, reliable, simple, clean and environment friendly mode of transport.

It also seeks to promote bicycle as a tool to get access to education and health care facilities, in places where other transport options are scarce.

The Founder of World Bicycle Day is Professor Leszek Sibilski from the United States led a grassroots campaign with his Sociology class to promote a UN Resolution for World Bicycle Day, eventually gaining the support of Turkmenistan and 56 other countries.

ON 3 June, the World Bicycle Day is celebrated. World Bicycle Day is received by the U.N. General Assembly in April 2018.

Besides, there are numerous health benefits of switching to bicycle as a mode of transport. All in all, bicycle is a cheaper, reliable and healthier transport vehicle. Some of the prime advantages of bicycle, justifying the celebration of World Bicycle Day are explained below-

1) Cheaper Transportation

A bicycle is considerably cheaper than other alternative modes of transport. With not a penny to spend on fuel and maintenance, it could be a wonderful transport options for the marginalized section. It is the only transport option for poor working class such as daily wage labours, farmers etc.

2) Access to Education and Health Care

Bicycle isn’t only a cheaper mode of transport but also serves as a tool for development, by providing access to education and health care. It serves as a major transportation option to school, for children residing in remote locations in underdeveloped or developing nations like Africa and some countries in South Asia. Besides, a bicycle provides a reliable and cheaper option to healthcare facilities in remote villages where there is no road.

3) Healthier Mode of Transport

Bicycle is a much healthier mode of transport than a car. Bicycles have been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. This health advantage of bicycle has helped it gain immense popularity even in many developed nations. Today, bicycles are popularly used in the cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Delhi etc.

4) Zero Carbon Footprints

The operation of a bicycle leaves zero carbon footprints, as there is no fuel combustion involved. A bicycle only runs on manual force exerted by its rider and is in fact a healthier as well as environment friendly mode of transport.

5) Minimal Road Wear

A bicycle is lighter and does much less damage to the roads than a 2 ton SUV or any other vehicle, for that matter. This means a lot less money spend on road maintenance and much on welfare schemes. Besides, roads where bicycles are popularly used have less potholes and damages, saving the authorities a lot of time and resources.

6) Hassle Free Parking

Bicycle is very light and occupies almost negligible space in comparison to a car. It can be parked almost anywhere without any trouble. Today, in the face of population expansion, it is getting difficult to find a convenient parking space for your vehicle. Bicycle relieves you from the stress of parking as it could be practically parked anywhere and in a very little space.

7) No More Delays

These days traffic jams are a common occurrence in any metropolitan city. With a car on road you could be stuck for hours, getting late for work. Bicycle, however, is a much less time taking option, as many cities have dedicated tracks for bicycle. If not, still it is much easy to maneuver a bicycle through the traffic.

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