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Shab e Baraat

Shab e Baraat

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Muslim)

Shab e Baraat is the 15th day of the eighth month (Shaaban) of the Islamic lunar calendar. The preceding night is known as Laylatul Bara’ah or Laylatun Nisfe min Sha’ban in the Arab world, and as Shab-e-barat (شب برات) in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and India.

These names are translated to the night of records, the night of assignment and the night of deliverance, and the observance involves a festive nightlong vigil with prayers. In some regions, this is also a night when one's deceased ancestors are commemorated.

Other Names of Shab e Baraat:

  • Lailat al-Baraa (Arabic: ليلة البراءة‎, Night of Innocence)
  • Lailat al-Du'a (Arabic: ليلة الدعاء‎, Night of Prayer or Supplication)
  • Neem Sha'ban (Persian: نيم شعبان‎ in Afghanistan and Iran.
  • Nisf Sha'ban (Arabic: نصف شعبان‎, Mid-Sha'ban) in Arabic speaking countries.
  • Nisfu Sya'ban in Malay speaking countries.
  • Shab e Baraat (Urdu: شبِ براءت‎ in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh meaning the 'Night of Innocence'.
  • Berat Kandili in Turkish

The month of Shabaan is a most auspicious one. The Holy Prophet has referred to it as “MY MONTH" and during this month, HE used to fast more than in any other month besides Ramadaan.

The 15th night of Shabaan is known as SHAB-e-BARAAT, which is next to Lailatul Qadir (27th night of Ramadaan) in auspiciousness. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "People are not aware of the excellence of the month of Shabaan, the month that comes between the months of Rajab and Ramadaan. In this month, the actions of the people are presented (to ALLAH).

On this night which begins from Magrib salaah Azan, the AMAL NAMA (record book) of a person containing all his deeds of the past year are closed and kept away in preservation till the day of resurrection and new Record books are started. Also, on this night, the various angels in charge of births, deaths, etc, are briefed and are assigned and instructed by ALMIGHTY ALLAH their various duties-the names and number of people who are to die during the coming year, births and the dates and times they are to take place during the coming year.



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