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Parents Day :

Parents Day serves as an opportunity to thank the parents for their love and sacrifice. Although the custom of honoring parents is followed from centuries but dedicating a day in remembrance of the parents, is a good thing. This day is used as a time to strengthen family values and respect among the members of the family.

Origin of Parents' Day

Everyone knows about the origin of Mothers Day and Fathers Day but it is hard to say the exact idea of Parents Day and its origin. However many believe that the idea of Parents Day might be a centuries-old and it might have started with a view to honor and appreciate the parents for that special love and care which resulted in the better life of a child. Although many think that Parents Day is an old celebration.

The first official announcement of the day was made in the year 1994, by the former President of USA, Mr. Bill Clinton.

He signed a law to celebrate Parents Day, to promote responsible parenting and to strengthen family ethics. The need of the day in dedication of Parents as it is believed to raise the family values and bring closeness in the family. Thus Parents Day was born out of a united effort of several religious, social and elected leaders who felt the need of Parents Day.

Today this day is observed not only in the USA but also in many other countries. In India also Parents day is observed with great enthusiasm. In fact, Respecting and valuing parents is an age-old Indian cultural heritage. But the day in the name of parents is a recent observation saying that the custom of respecting and caring for parents is an age-old tradition in almost all the countries. But the dedication of the day in the honor of the adorable parents giving the name Parents' Day.

You know In India, Parents are often referred to as God.

Ways to celebrate Parents' Day in India

Parents Day is not a festival or carnival and it is not a time for grand parties and celebrations but its all about loving and caring for your parents.

With the raising busy schedule, children are not able to spend the quality time with their parents thus the recent Parents Day observation acts as the day of celebration with the whole family.

There are several ways to celebrate and make this day the memorable one in Parents life. Children show their love by staying a whole day with their parents and by taking them shopping and other interesting places. As in any event, gifts place a special role during Parents Day. You can gift books, wristwatches, electronic accessories, etc... The flowers and cards play a major role on this day.

In some countries, on behalf of this Parents day, some activities are going to be conducted and games are organized by clubs and other communities. The idea and celebrations behind the festival may vary from one place to other but the real zeal behind the event remains the same everywhere…

Respect for Parents and elders are the great Indian values which were the stems from ancient days.

Parents Day Dates

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