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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti in 2021 »   27 April

Hanuman Jayanti in 2022 »   16 April

Hanuman Jayanti in 2023 »   6 April

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Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated all over India to observe the birth of Lord Hanuman. The auspicious day falls in the month of Chaitra according to Hindu lunar calendar. Lord Hanuman is the epitome of great strengthpower and immortal devotion towards Lord Rama. He is revered by Hindus as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama as he played a crucial role in his life. People worship Lord Hanuman as ‘Sankat Mochan’ because he saves his devotees from all the danger and bad fortune. Lord Hanuman is revered as one of the most powerful Hindu gods in India. According to Hindu spirituality Hanuman is the son of 'Pawan', the God of Winds; hence called as 'Pawanputra’ (son of Lord Pawan). 

Lord Hanuman is named as ‘Rudravatar’ as he is the eleventh Rudra manifestation of Lord Shiva. He is bestowed with immense power and strength and hence named as ‘Mahabir Hanuman’.  Because of his self determination he has achieved many impossible things that can be found in holy Ramayana. Lord Rama has given him the glory of being his brother because of his ultimate devotion towards Lord Rama. 

Date and Time of Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti falls on full moon day, which is regarded as the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Chaitra. However, Hanuman Jayanti is observed in different months in different places in India. This happens because of the variation in the dates of Hindu calendar followed by different states.

Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi and Hanuman Garhi at Ayodhya are the venues of great celebration in Northern India.

According to the calendar followed in the southern states like, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Hanuman Jayanti is observed in Margazhi month which usually falls in December - January.

Similarly in Andhra PradeshTelangana and Karnataka, this day is observed in the dark fortnight during the month of Vaisakha, which culminates a long celebration of forty-one days. 

People in Odisha celebrate the first day of Vishubha Sankranti in Baisakha month as Hanuman Jayanti.

However some communities celebrate Hanuman Jayanti a day before Diwali, the festival of lights.

If you are indecisive in choosing your career or lack courage and mental strengthworshipping Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti will help you overcome these obstacles in life! Worshipping Lord Hanuman will invest you with the couragestrength and wisdom you will need in various challenging situations in life.

Rituals of Hanuman Jayanti

Celebrations on Hanuman Jayanti commence early in the day as devotees perform special puja at their homes. Devotees visit temples dedicated to Shree Hanuman to offer special prayers to the Lord of Strength and courage. Devotees keep fasting and organise special prayers for Lord Hanuman to get rid of all the danger and evil spirits. People in India chant holy Hymns of the mightiest lord all day long in various Hanuman temples. 

Hanuman, being bestowed with immense power, has lifted Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman on his shoulders. Moreover he has carried a whole mountain on his shoulders to save Lakshman from a severe injury. So on the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti, People revere their Lord by applying red Sindur obtained from his feet on their foreheads; this ritual ensures them good health and good luck.

Other important Haqnuman Jayanti rituals include offering red vermillion with ghee to the Lord. Red flowersfruits especially bananasladoos are also offered along with lighting diyas on this day. The holy Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan are chanted in the temple premises while performing ‘aarti’.  

In Western India, devotees keep fasting a day before the Hanuman Jayanti unlike Northern India, where the fasting is kept on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa hundred and eight times for hundred days can help one to be free from all the evils

Hanuman Jayanti also marks Lord Hanuman's unmatched devotion to Lord Rama, for whom he has covered a distance of millions across the sea to trace mata Sita inside the demon Ravana’s palace. Lord Hanuman led a monkey army including the monkey warrior Sugreev to build a bridge to Lanka, which is popularly named as “Ramsetu’. To restore the life of Lakshman, Hanuman carried the whole mountain on his shoulders in his quest of ‘Sanjeevani herb. Lord Hanuman stretched his heart out open to express his infinite devotion towards Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

The holy Ramayana witnesses the significant role of Lord Hanuman as an unimpeachable devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman exhibited his extrordinary strengthwill-power and courage to fight the then mightiest demon Ravana.  Tulsidas has depicted Lord Hanuman’s devotion and dedication towards Lord Rama, in his holy creation 'Hanuman Chalisa'. Sankat Mochan Lord Hanuman can ward off any evil effects posed by the nine planets to his devotee’s life. In India people worship Lord Hanuman basically on Tuesdays and Saturdays to get his utmost blessings in achieving progresswisdom and fearlessness in life.

Significance of Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman is the epitome of courageimmense powerunmatched devotion, knowledge, and humility; hence Hanuman Jayanti is the most auspicious occasion to revere the Lord to attain all his blessings in life. Lord Hanuman can grant extraordinary powers to his devotees, who solemnly seek his blessings on his spiritual journey. Lord Hanuman is called 'Chiranjeev' as he is bestowed with the boon of immortality; hence he is believed to be still present on earth. On the top of Hanuman temples people unfurl the saffron flag, which is a symbolic of Lord Hanuman’s extraordinary power to ward off all the evil energies.

Only Lord Hanuman had the power to cross the sea to trace the demon Ravana’s palace, where he kept Mata Sita after kidnapping her. He led the monkey army to ‘Lanka’ and helped Lord Rama achieving victory over Ravana.  His courageous tales are clearly depicted in Ramayana, wherein he burnt Ravana’s kingdom Lanka with the help of his tail. He remained a ‘Brahmachaari’ (not marrying anyone) all through his life and revered his beloved Lord Rama; to which Lord Rama also reciprocated his love and devotion towards him. Hence Lord Hanuman is always worshipped as the greatest devotee of Lord Rama all over India.

Hanuman Jayanti Dates

Hanuman Jayanti in 2021 »   27 April

Hanuman Jayanti in 2022 »   16 April

Hanuman Jayanti in 2023 »   6 April

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