ยป Chinnamasta


Category: Festival
Celebrated In: India in Summer Season
Celebrated By: Hindu (Hindu)

Goddess Chinnamasta who is also known as Chinnamastika or Prachanda Chandika is the Goddess of Striking Force whose head is severed. She is one of the ferocious aspect of the asamahavidyas.Chhinnamasta means the goddess who has beheaded herself. It is believed that
even a slight mistake in her worship may get the worshiper beheaded. Though,
it's just a myth.
Like most mahavidyas, Goddess Chhinnamasta, too, has a unique and fearsome
appearance. Those who do not understand actual meaning of her appearance may
find her horrific and terrible. She is naked because she is devoid of all
coverings of illusion. She has severed her own head which means her worshipers
must get rid of their egos. This also means detachment from the earth, her
gravity and all wordly things after which one progresses spiritually and gets
the strength to grasp all super-natural powers granted by the goddess like the
power to become invisible, the power to fly, the power to get anything out of
thin air and the power to be at many places at once.

Chinnamasta Dates

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