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Banganga Fair

Banganga Fair

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The Banganga Fair of Jaipur, Rajasthan takes place near a stream, approximately 11 km from the town Bairath in Jaipur district. Bairath is situated almost 85 km from the city of Jaipur. The legend has it that Arjun, one of the Pandavas, created the rivulet. He shot an arrow to satiate the thirst of dying Bhishma Pitamah, a soldier hurt in the battle of Mahabharata, and created the lake.

The people visiting Rajasthan Banganga Fair take a bath in the stream and worship at the holy place. Conducting this particular ritual is considered very auspicious. The fair is important not only from pilgrimage point of view but also sets stage for traders who come to the fair to conduct business and sell their goods. Ranging from simple rural ornaments to toys to household items, almost every thing is available in this fair. There are even rides for kids like Giant wheels and Merry-go-rounds.

First thing in the morning, the devotees congregate at the temple of Shri Radha Krishnaji. Thereafter, they take a bath at Banganga river ghats. It is believed that bathing at the ghats relieves one of the bad doings and purifies the soul. Later, they advance towards the nearby shrines of Hanuman and Ganga Bihari and also pay a visit to the Shiva temple and the Math of Goswamiji.

200 years old, Banganga Fair showcases the richness of Rajasthan cultures and traditions. The fair is the time to purify souls by worshipping and holy dip, shopping of curios and crafts, Rajasthani food and many attractions for kids and adults alike.
Rajasthan, the most culturally rich state of India, is home to largest number of fairs and festivals and each of them has its own importance and followers. Every city in Rajasthan enjoys its own share of festivals and fairs. Banganga Fair is one of the oldest and the most awaited fairs organized in this old royal state of Rajasthan. Dating back to a few centuries, say 200 years back, this fair was first organized at the time of inauguration of Radha-Krishna Temple at Bairath district of Jaipur.

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