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Buddha Purnima

Posted On: 13 May, 2013| Festival: Budh purnima

Buddha Poornima is the most holy festivals of Buddhist. Buddha Poornima is famous in tribute Lord Buddha. It spray on the full moon night in Vaisakha (according to the Hindu calendar that regularly falls in April or May). Lord Buddha was the creator of the Buddhist religion and is said to be the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu. It was on Buddha Poornima that the three important events of Buddhas life took place i.e. his birth, his enlightenment and his death . 

The moment of Gautama Buddhas birth and death is uncertain. However, most historians date his lifetime between 563-483 Century. Most people consider Lumbini, Nepal as birth place of Buddha. Buddha died at the age of 80 at Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. 


Now we should know about Who was the Gautam Buddha? Siddhartha Gautama was a Prince in Nepal 2500 years ago. After his birth a man foretold that he would be a great emperor or a great theorist. So his parents set aside him in the house and gave everything he wanted, so he would not stay. However this plan failed. He absent his home and go in the region of in search of the answer on why people suffer. He believed that if he suffered as well, he would find the answer.During the time of his search, he also helped many people who suffered. He is now known as a Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautam in India. The name Siddhartha way he who achieves his intend. His duration is placed around in 420 - 380 Century or 583 – 463 Century. He found Buddhism.  He is also identified as Shakyamuni or the sage of Shakyas. Shakya was  sovereign kingdom from Iron Age (around 1000 BCE, it followed the Late Harappan Culture). Their empire was in the foothills of Himalayas with the capital at Kapilavastu (which located in modern day Nepal). He was born a prince to King Shuddhodana and Queen MahaMaya. As was the routine, when Queen MahaMaya was pregnant, she was on her way to her fathers house for delivery. The festivity had stopped at the gardens of Lumbini. Queen MahaMaya gave birth to Siddhartha in the gardens of Lumbini.

Now we should know How celebrate the Budhha Purnima? Besides sarnath, the Buddha Purnima is also notable with sacred fervor at Kushinagar and Gaya other parts of India and the world. The Buddha Purnima revelry at sarnath be a focus for large Buddhist crowds as Buddhists offer prayers in different Buddhist temples at  sarnath on this day. Prayers, sermons, recitation of Buddhist scriptures are other important religious activities performed by the Buddhists at sarnath. Monks and devotees meditate and worship the statue of Gautam Buddha. The Buddhist devotee also offer fruits, flowers, candles etc to statues of Lord Buddha.

Gautam Buddha went to Rajagaha or Rajagriha. There he met Bimbisara, the ruler of Magadha. He promises Bimbisara to visit him once he achieved illumination. He tried to follow the path of self indignity in order to attain enlightenment. After nearly ravenous himself to death but finding no enlightenment, Siddhartha found the Middle Way. He sat under the Bodhi (Pipal) tree in bodhgaya and decided not to get up until he found enlightenment. He is said to have attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree on the first full moon in the month of May. That day is celebrated as Buddha Poornima.

Buddhism is one of the most antique and highly truth-seeking Indian tradition. Buddha means Awakened One, someone who has awakened from the sleep of unawareness and sees gear as they actually are. Buddhism is Buddha tradition and the inner experience or realizations of these teachings. Buddha have eighty-four thousand teachings. All these teachings and the inner realizations of them constitute Buddhism.

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