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Eid ul zuha

Eid ul zuha Dates
Eid ul zuha in 2013 »    16 October
Eid ul zuha in 2014 »    3 October  To  4 October
Category: Festival
Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: Muslim (Muslim)

Eid-ul-Zuha is also known as Eid-ul-Adha in Arabic and Bakra-Id or Bakrid in the Indian subcontinent because of the tradition of sacrificing a goat or 'bakr' on this day. The word 'Id' is derived from the Arabic 'iwd' meaning 'Festival' and Zuha comes from 'uzhaiyya' which translates to 'Sacrifice'.

Id ul Zuha

On this day Muslims sacrifice a goat or Bakr (Urdu) to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, who willingly agreed to kill his son at the behest of God.

This festival coincides with the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca. Prayers are offered in the mosques and the sacrificial meat is then distributed after the Id prayers.

Special delicacies are prepared and served among family and friends on the occasion.


The Festival of Id-ul-Zuha or Bakrid is celebrated with great enthusiasm among Muslims all over the world. The day normally starts with men and women dressing in the best outfits and proceeding towards Mosque.

On Id-ul-Zuha, special `Dua` (prayer) is recited by thousands of Muslims for peace and prosperity. The wealthy families are expected to sacrifice one animal per family and distribute two-thirds of the meat among poor. Those who cannot afford it, seven or seventy families together offer one animal. A full-grown camel, cow, goat or sheep free from disease, is considered the best offering. The sacrifice, popularly called as 'qurbani' can be offered at any time before the afternoon of the third day. In India, too, goats and sheep are sacrificed all over the country and prayers are offered.

Followed with the food sacrifice and charity to poor, Muslims greet each other “Eid Mubarak” and visit the houses of relatives and friends. Special delicacies are prepared and served among family and friends on the occasion. Gifts are also exchanged on this auspicious day.


Eid ul zuha Dates
Eid ul zuha in 2013 »   16 October
Eid ul zuha in 2014 »   3 October  To  4 October

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